What You Get With Your Online Course

  • Easy To Follow Video Tutorials

  • Downloadable And Printable Material For Quick Reference

  • Unlimited Access And Support

  • Courses That Are Designed From Almost 2 Decades Of Experience

Private Courses

Tiny Tots CPR Is Also Delivered Privately In Several Different Ways

  • Online Video Chat

    Enjoy the course from the comfort of your own home over video chat conference calling (ZOOM). I've instructed families from all over North America. $100/ household. Booking at your convenience. What you get: 45 minute Infant CPR and Choking (3 lessons total). Free lifetime access to the video tutorial refresher. And 25% off discount for the Flagship Tiny Tots course (1h45m). Email TinyTotsCPR@gmail.com

  • Webinar

    Follow my Facebook or Instagram @ /tinytotscpr.com to find out when I host larger on line webinar classes through online video chat. $55/ person. Classes are usually scheduled. Email to sign up. TinyTotsCPR@gmail.com

My Story

Where Did Tiny Tots CPR Come From?

I have been a Paramedic now for almost 20 years, and in that time I have seen and done quite a bit when it comes to children.  Most of the time, they turn out ok, but sometimes they don't, and I ask myself why don't parents know how to do CPR or the choking technique?  This stuff works and can be very effective if done right.  Then, in 2014 I had my own child, and quickly realized parents do not have the time for a Regular 16 hour CPR course.  I designed this course to be quick and effective, and what I think is the most important information every parent needs to know.  I don't just instruct you how to save your child in an emergency, I talk about it through years of experience as it pertains to real life, to help put in into context.  

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